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When the time to study comes around, it's probable that one of the first places you look to get ready for your test is your notebook. This is because your notes can help you remember all that you've learned and reinforce your knowledge. However, you need to have good, comprehensible, complete notes for that purpose. If you need a bit of guidance with your note-taking skills, follow the tips below.

How to Improve Your Notes

Be Organized and Clean

If you want your notes to be helpful, you'll need to be organized and clean with them. This means having and using a notebook/folder for each subject, and trying not to doodle or making a lot of mistakes.

Be Prepared

Unless you want to fall behind with your school lessons, try to keep your writing tools (pencil, sharpener, eraser, etc.) nearby when you're taking notes, so you don't waste time looking for them.

Write Properly

Trying to decode what you wrote on your notes isn't the most effective way to study. To ensure you understand what you wrote, write with good penmanship and in complete, clear sentences.

Have a System

Keeping up with what the teacher is saying can be challenging. Still, you can use common abbreviations, write what's on the board, and focus on main ideas to stay up to speed and take good notes.

Use Highlighters

Certain names, dates, definitions, and other key information are very important. Use highlighters or colored pens to make them more visible in your notes.


Always read your notes over when you're finished taking them. This will help you notice if you missed something. If you did, ask a peer or your teacher to clarify.

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